Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2013
Held at Dale's Wagon Wheel, Potlatch,Idaho
Presented by Kim Glass, State Secretary

The Meeting was called to order at noon with four Directors present and all Chapters represented.  The Agenda was accepted.

Minutes of the prior meeting were accepted as printed in the May/June Eagle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Treasurer’s Report – The Financial Report was presented for Treasurer Karen Stewart, who was not present due to a conflicting meeting with the STAR Program.

Coordinator’s Report – Coordinator Dave Bremenour did have a report as he has been dealing with a medical condition.

Deputy Coordinators Report - Deputy Coordinator Moose Wittrock was not present due to an emergency issue at home.

Secretary’s Report – Secretary Kim Glass reminded all Chapters to let her know about all runs and events so they can be added to the Calendar and run in the Eagle.  She asked all Chapters to make sure their Membership Rosters have complete and up-to-date mailing addresses for the mailing of ballots in the upcoming election.  Agenda items for the Oct. 6 meeting should be sent as soon as possible Kim – call, text or email.

Membership Secretary’s Report – Pauline Durst stated that we have 166 members in ANI – and needs the help of all Chapters in collecting 2013 dues from members.  She also reminded Chapters that when they sign a new member, that information along with the Membership Number needs to be sent to her by email. This info is needed to keep ANI's membership roster current and meaningful!

Chapter Reports
Clearwater Chapter
            The Chapter is working hard on the Pre-Sturgis Pit Stop July 26 – and the following weekend's Special Olympics Ride & Shoot-a-Hoop.  Chapter meetings are being held the first Saturday of each month – and with 29 members, the Chapter is looking for new members.

Hoodoo Chapter
Jack Clark reported they have 44 members with high and steady numbers attending their monthly meetings on the first Saturday of each month.  The baskets at Spring Opener were a great money-maker for the Chapter.

Kootenai Chapter
Paul Riess said their next event is the 'Toys for Tots' fundraiser and run – a keynote event for the Chapter.  It will be held Saturday, Oct. 5.  He reported the Chapter has 57 members, with meetings at JB Restaurant on the first Thursday of the month.

Hells Canyon Chapter
The Chapter has 38 members and has been working hard on adding more! The DawnRiders Run was held on July 20 – a day to remember your lost friends.  We had a great turnout of members at Spring Opener and a blast was had by all!  Chapter meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month.
Committee Reports                                                                                                                                            

Paul Riess said the Eagle is doing good with more ad sales – important to ANI since ad revenue is second only to member dues in providing income for ANI to carry out its mission.  He asked all Chapters to get copies of the Eagle to members, advertisers, Chapter meetings and events to help spread the word of ANI and generate interest from potential members.

Legislative - No Report

Safety and Education – No Report                                                                                                                                                                

By Laws – No Changes                                                                                                                                                                          

Products - Each chapter is responsible for own products.                                                                                      


            No Guests

Old Business

MRF Best of the West – Dave Cazel represented ANI at the event and wrote an excellent report on it that was published in the July/August Eagle.
Spring Opener attendance was down this year but the event stayed in the 'green'.  Discussion centered around all Chapters working together for the event next year to make it bigger and better – Kim Glass suggested a Poker Run on Saturday morning – more discussion to be had on this one!

New Business 

            A 2014 Fund Raiser Committee is being formed with Jack Clark serving as Chairman.  Jack would like at least two people from each Chapter to serve on this committee – contact him so the Committee can be announced at the next ANI meeting.  This group will come up with ideas to raise funds for ANI – with all Chapters working in their communities to develop sources for donations to events and raffles, for advertising in the Eagle and so on. 
Jack reiterated that it takes members working together to make ANI a successful organization – and all Chapters should be conducting membership drives.  Promoting ANI events and activities in the community – use the local newspaper and flyers – will bring new members AND LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT A.B.A.T.E. STANDS FOR!
Nomination of officers for 2014 was held and there is one office on the ballot for election – the Deputy Coordinator position.  Vote your choice of candidate - Moose Wittrock or Paul Riess – and return your ballot.  The slate of officers for 2014 is:
Coordinator: Dan Ertz
Treasurer: Karen Stewart
Secretary: Kim Glass
Membership Secretary: Pauline Durst
Ambassador at Large: Jim Ingalls

Open Forum

            The next State Board of Directors Meeting is Oct 6th at noon, at Dale's Wagon Wheel in Potlatch.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Kim Glass, Secretary