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April 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes  

Call to Order: 12:01pm Quorum: Yes Pledge of Allegiance: Yes Prayer: By Chaplin WD Wegner
Attendance: Duane Justus (Coordinator),Jack Clark (Dep. Coordinator) Monica Pine (Secretary),Karen Stewart (Treasurer), Pauline Durst (Membership Secretary), Dave Cazel (Legislative), Tim Closson (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator), Belinda Carson (Kootenai Coordinator, proy), Paula Wegner, (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator), Bob Berlinghoff (Hells Canyon Coordinator), Paul Lasswell (Hells Canyon Dep. Coordinator), WD Wegner (Chaplin)

Guests: Correna Barnard

Approval of agenda: Duane Justus asked to add Kootenai County Fair to the agenda. Tim Closson moves to approve the agenda with additions and Dave Cazel seconds the motion. The agenda is approved.

Tim Closson motioned to approve the January minutes. The motion was seconded by Dave Cazel. Minutes were approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address: Duane Justus- Bike show was in March. There was about 99 people at the show. We had a 50/50 raffle and gained 6 to 8 new members.

Dep. Coordinator’s Report: Jack Clark- Deferred

Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine- Reminder to the BOD members about the proxy policy

Treasurer Report – Report available on request.

Membership Secretary’s Report – -Total members- 228, 74 renewed; Kootenai 45, Hoodoo 15, Hells Canyon 7 and State Members 7. Pauline will be ordering patches and membership cards soon.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon – Chapter is gearing up for the Easter Egg Hunt for Kids. We hide about 12,000 eggs. Showed the new chapter flag.

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo - Tim Closson – Highway clean up- about 40 bags of trash this year. Issues with retention of members.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai – We had the Toy Run. We are working on the Awareness Ride May 4th and the Freedom ride May 18th .

Committee Reports: Legislative – State Distractive Bill lost 15 to 18 and Profiling lost 17 to 18. Federal- Congress sponsor of 215 anti-profiling. Discussion about the situation in Waco,Texas. 177 bikers involved and 9 people died. Bikers were arrested and the last one was recently released. Bob asked about noise restrictions. CA has noise restrictions and people may need to go back to stock but no restrictions in Idaho.

Awareness Rally- Awareness Rally is May 4th at the Kootenai Courthouse. There will be some Idaho representatives in attendance.

Rendezvous 2019- May 30- June 2, 2019, Gate: Friday Hoodoo, Saturday Hells Canyon and Kooteni. Set up and cleanup crew is needed. Equipment we will have: Porta Potties, generators, pop up shelter and firewood. Events: Central Bonfire, music-PA system, Poker Run? Poker walk? Auction? Silent Auction? Bike Show? Karen will be planning a scavenger hunt. Semd suggestions to Duane or Jack

Chapter Quorums– 4 officers and 10% of membership, 20% members and 2/3 officers

Kootenai County Fair– Waiting for contract. Belinda will ask about location maybe have a bigger space. Like the location from last year.

Next meeting will be July 14,2019- Adjourned at 1:44pm


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