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July 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes  

Call to Order:  12:02pm          Quorum: Yes          Pledge of Allegiance: Yes         Prayer: By Keith McKinney
Attendance: Duane Justus (Coordinator),Jack Clark (Dep. Coordinator) Monica Pine (Secretary), Dave Cazel (Legislative), Tim Closson (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator), Belinda Carson (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator, proxy), Belinda Wright, (Kootenai  Coordinator), Bob Berlinghoff (Hells Canyon Coordinator), Paul Lasswell (Hells Canyon Dep. Coordinator), Keith McKinney (Ambassador at Large)

Guests: Correna Barnard, Pam Wittrock, Kent Wittrock

Approval of agenda:  Duane Justus asked to add MRF membership to the agenda, Belinda Wright asked to add meeting dates to the agenda, and Monica Pine asked to add confirming October meeting date to agenda. Tim Closson moves to approve the agenda with additions and Dave Cazel seconds the motion.  The agenda is approved.

Tim Closson motioned to approve the April minutes.  The motion was seconded by Keith McKinney.  Minutes were approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address:  Duane Justus- Deferred to later in the agenda

Dep. Coordinator’s Report: Jack Clark- Deferred to later in the agenda
Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine- Inviting everyone to our gender reveal at Harley Davison in Lewiston on July 20th at noon.  Amended to include reveal.  James and I are happy to announce that we are having another boy.  Antonio Clayton David Pine will arrive November 2019.
Treasurer Report – Report available on request.

Membership Secretary’s Report – No report

Ambassador Report-   Facebook is doing well.  Giving ABATE stickers out to kids.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon –  Bob Berlinghoff- 16 at July meeting.  Planning a campout in Elk City.  Asked about ANI insurance coverage and voiced website concerns.

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo -   Tim Closson –   Renewal happen in July.  Fat Bastard Float trip July 26-28th cost $5 for steak dinner and $5/night/person for non-Hoodoo members.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai –   Freedom ride was rescheduled due to weather on June 15th.  We had 44 people in attendance.  The Toy Run will be September 14th this year.
Committee Reports: Legislative – Dave Cazel has been our MRF representative since 2004.  He is stepping down as our representative and nominating Duane Justus.   ICMS has approved Duane Justus’s nomination but we need ANI’s approval.  Tim moves to take Dave Cazel’s nomination of Duane Justus.  Jack seconded the motion.  There was discussion about ASI not being a MRF member.  Motion was approved.

Distractive Diving Bill-  Tim contacted Representatives about the bill.  They had concerns about another law on the books.  Belinda Wright hasn’t heard back from anyone.

Kootenai Chapter Quorum- Chapter by-laws changes about quorums need ANI approval.  Tim moves to approve the by-law changes.  Bob seconded the motion and it was approve.

Rendezvous 2019- 248 people- profit $3,285-$1,227 from raffle.
Positives- Vendors, location, weather
Cons- Games/scheduling activities, promoting, signage, day passes wanted, date… Next year? Location? Raffle?
Dave Cazel moves to have Jack submit report to Chapters for suggestions.  Motion was seconded by Bob and approved.

Officer Nominations– Coordinator- Duane Justus, Dep. Coordinator-Jack Clark, Secretary- Monica Pine, Treasurer- Karen Stewart, Member Secretary- Pauline Durst and Belinda Carson (Pauline declined nomination to give the position to Belinda), Ambassador at Large- Keith McKinney, Sgt. At Arms-Keith Wittrock (Moose)  Belinda Wright moved to approve nominations.  Seconded by Jack and approved.

 Kootenai County Fair–  20X15 corner spot.  Ideas- Pop-ups, driver education video, Belinda Wright has a distractive driving sheet.

MRF Membership/donation–    MRF membership $35.  Discussion that membership will help more than a donation.  Tim moves to sponsor 3 members from each chapter within 30 days.  Seconded by Jack and approved.

October 2019 Meeting Date– Discussion about October 19th being better for most.  Jack moves to approve the October date.  Belinda Wright seconded and approved

Meeting Dates 2020–  
January 12, April 5, July 12, October 17

Projects–  Fall Kootenai County Fair, Spring Rendezvous and Bike Show.  Belinda announce there will be a ABATE social at Sturgis August 8th
Next meeting will be October 19,2019-
Adjourned at 2:17pm


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