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A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho, Inc.

April 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  12:00pm          Quorum: Yes          Pledge of Allegiance: Yes         Prayer: By Mike Westmoreland, Sgt. At Arms

Attendance:  Belinda Carson (Coordinator),James Pine (Dep. Coordinator) Monica Pine (Secretary), Mike Westmoreland (Sgt. At Arms), Roy Fisher (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator, Proxy), Duane Justus (Kootenai Coordinator), Belinda Wright (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator), Steve Libey (Hells Canyon Coordinator), Ken Good (Hells Canyon Dep. Coordinator, Proxy)

Guests:  Aden Ripley, Keith McKinney and Stephanie Baumann (AIL) - Stephanie plans to have an AIL booth at spring opener. You can reach Stephanie at 509-216-9954 if you have any insurance related questions.

Approval of agenda:  Belinda Wright asked to add Life Flight to the Agenda.  Duane moves to approve the agenda and Ken seconds the motion.  The agenda is approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address:  Belinda Carson- Enjoyed her trip to Israel.  Big Dave’s celebration of life is June 17.  There will be a ride and then a gathering.  More details to come.
Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine – If a proxy is needed please provided something in writing.  Also, let Belinda and me know before the meeting.
Treasurer Report – Ending balance $12,797

Membership Secretary’s Report – Renewals-.  Kootenai 38, Hoodoo 30, Hells Canyon 3 and State Members 2.

Ambassador at Large’s Report- Duane Justus- Motorcycle Show went well.  HSMM paid for the booth.  We need to think about ordering new ABATE Shirts.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon - Steve is now the coordinator and Billy Young is the Dep. Coordinator.  Valentine’s Day ride Feb. 18th.  It was a rainy day. We had 7 bikes and 14 people. St. Patty’s Day ride March 18th more rain.  Easter Eggs stuffed and ready for the kids.

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo -   Roy Fisher – We have a new membership secretary. Duane did a really good job at the motorcycle show booth.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai –   - Duane Justus- 91 members- May 6th is the Awareness Rally, Senates will be speaking.  There will also be a Swap meet.  The Freedom ride is May 20th. The Idaho Driver’s Ed Manual doesn’t not include a lot about motorcycles.  Working with Chris Benson and ICMS to change this.  Putting posters in the schools.  Roy moved to support putting more information in the driver’s education manual.  Motion was seconded by Duane and passed.

Committee Reports: Legislative – Senate shot down profiling bill.  The plan is to reword and try again next year.
Old Business: Chapter Event Forms– Remember we need event forms completed and approved ASAP.

Old Business: By-laws Signatures –  Need signatures for by-law changes.

Old Business: Spring Opener – Security will have red caps this year.   There is a gate sign-up.  Each chapter should have 10 auction items.  We should have items by May 21st.

New Business: ABATE Patches – Duane discussed ordering bigger ABATE patches.  Belinda Wright moved to have state purchase 20 patches and reimburse dollar for dollar.  The motion was seconded by Jack and passed.

New Business: Life Flight– Med Flight has increased to $50.  Belinda moved to have the state cover the $5 until members can be notified of the increase.  The motion was seconded by Jack and passed.

New Business: Sgt. At Arms – Mike Westmoreland was appointed Sgt. At Arms.

Open Forum- Facebook- First quarter focus: Getting bikes ready to ride, planning trips, spring road hazards and legislation.  Second quarter focus: Legislation, safety, fundraisers/charities.  Please send pictures, video, posters, legislative information, and anything else you would like to post to

Duane moved to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Ken Good and passed
Adjourned at 1:42pm


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