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A.B.A.T.E. of North Idaho, Inc.

January 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 11:00am ... Quorum: Yes ... Pledge of Allegiance: Yes ... Prayer: by Dan Benson-State Chaplin

Attendance: Duane Justus (Coordinator), Jack Clark, (Dep. Coordinator), Monica Pine (Secretary),
Karen Stewart (Treasurer), Pauline Durst (Membership Secretary), Roy Fisher (Ambassador at Large)
Tim Closson (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator, ), Mike Westmoreland
(Kootenai Coordinator, Proxy ), Belinda Wright (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator), Steve Libey
(Hell’s Canyon, Coordinator), Bob Berlinghoff (Hell’s Canyon, Dep. Coordinator), Dan Benson (Chaplin)

Guest: Corrina Barnard, Lila Hurst, Lon Smith

Approval of agenda: Duane Justus asked to add the Highway Clean-up to the Agenda. Duane moves to approve the agenda and Steve seconds the motion. The agenda is approved. Approval of October Minutes: Roy moves to approve October meeting minutes and Steve seconds the motion. The minutes were approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address: Duane Justus- First meeting as state coordinator. Working on better communication with ICMS. South Idaho/Idaho and ANI agree to work together.

Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine – Reminder to submit event forms for the year.

Treasurer Report – Financials are available upon request.

Membership Secretary’s Report – Hoodoo- 55, Kootenai- 65, Hells Canyon- 44, State- 14- Total 178

Ambassador at Large – Business cards for ANI- Jack moves to purchase more business cards. Motion was seconded by Tim and approved Roy moves to change the cards. Remove you right because of me and include website and email. The motions was seconded by Jack and approved.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon - River Clan end of summer trip/ride (9 people), Tuffy’s Ride-Montana (4), Good turnout for the Toy run, New Year’s Day ride (2)

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo– - Annual Fat Bastard Float down the river, Christmas Party-Ugly hat contest.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai – - Additions to the Idaho Driver’s Manual for Motorcycles, Toy Run, donations for Kids Village, and the Freedom Ride.

Committee Reports: Legislative – Better Highway protection

Old Business: Spring Opener – Jack Clark is working on music. Vender Patty’s Tacos and Coffee along with Country Lanes. We need someone to manage the bike show. Gate Hoodoo will handle Friday and Hells Canyon and Kootenai will split Saturday. RV Camping Coordinator Belinda Wright. There will be a raffle for an AR15.

Old Business: Bike Show– Having our own booth March 9-11th. Having a 50/50 raffle and raffling off a gift card.

Old Business: ANI Shirts– Ideas Look for Motorcycles, Keep the design but add support your local ABATE. Duane will work on design and send it out to the Board.

Old Business: PA System - Karen brought the PA system to the meeting

Old Business: Meeting Locations - Hells Canyon, Antonio’s (1407 Main Lewiston) April 8th Noon, July 8thAmerican Legion Hall-Hoodoo.

New Business: Facbook/Website - send website information to Belinda Wright. Keith McKinney is our Facebook administrator.

New Business: Direction for ANI - Communication with HOG, Attending Bikers in the Belt Way and Meeting of the Minds. Jack is updating the tri-fold. Tim moved to continue working on tri-folds and print. Motion was seconded by Karen and Approved.

New Business: Retention of Membership - Contacting members who didn’t renew.

New Business: Appoint Sgt at Arms - Appointed Mike Westmoreland

New Business: Life Flight - There was discussion about how to handle Life Flight Membership. Pauline moved that Life Flight payments be sent directly to the coordinator (Belinda Wright). Sharon seconded and it was approved.

New Business: Highway - idea to bring chapters together. Maybe Hells Canyon can adopt a highway and everyone can help with both highways.

Adjourned at 12:47pm. Tim moved and Pauline seconded.


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