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July 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  12:00pm          Quorum: Yes          Pledge of Allegiance: Yes         Prayer: Chaplin didn’t attend
Attendance: Duane Justus (Coordinator),Jack Clark (Dep. Coordinator) Monica Pine (Secretary), Pauline Durst (Membership Secretary) , Mike Westmoreland (Sgt. At Arms), Dave Cazel (Legislative), Tim Closson (Hoodoo Coordinator), Jack Clark (Hoodoo Dep. Coordinator), Dave Cazel (Kootenai Coordinator, Proxy), Correna Barnard (Kootenai Dep. Coordinator, Proxy), Steve Libey (Hells Canyon Coordinator), Bob Berlinghoff (Hells Canyon Dep. Coordinator)

Guests:  James Pine, Belinda Carson, and Paul Reiss.

Approval of agenda:  Duane Justus asked to add to add the Kootenai County Fair to the agenda.  Tim Closson moves to approve the agenda with additions and Jack Clark seconds the motion.  The agenda is approved.

Tim Closson motioned to approve the April minutes.  The motion was seconded by Jack Clark.  Minutes were approved.

Coordinator’s Report/Address:  Duane Justus- Duane and Jack are working with ASI so we can support each other.  The rally on July 2, 2018 was a success.  We had 225-230 bikes and 300 people.  We gained more members at this event.

Dep. Coordinator’s Report: Jack Clark- Wrap up meeting for spring opener went will.  This year we had the best music.  Thank you to Duane!
Secretary’s Report – Monica Pine- We lost 2 members back in April, Crusty Miller and James Floch.  I sent sympathy cards on the behalf of ANI.
Treasurer Report – Report available on request.

Membership Secretary’s Report –   As of July 12th -Kootenai 77, Hoodoo 58, Hells Canyon 40 and State Members 10.  Pauline sent out 120 emails, and 44 snail mail reminders to renew memberships.  Of those seven were returned.

Chapter Reports: Hells Canyon – Went on the Vet’s benefit ride.  The chapter was happy with Spring Opener.  Next meeting is July 21st where they will plan James Floch’s last ride.

Chapter Reports: Hoodoo -   Tim Closson – ASI attended our last meeting. We had our Toe Rock ride to Canada. We had 8 people.

Chapter Reports: Kootenai –   - Duane Justus- Summer time, Toy Run is October 20th and the Ace for Faces ride is September 22nd.
Committee Reports: Legislative – Elections are in November.  Do we want to do a survey for our representatives? This would include Nez Perce County.  We normally have 7 questions.  Jack moves to use $200 for the surveys and Monica Pine seconded.  The motion was passed.
Old Business: Spring Opener –  Committee has discussed to change the day pass to $10, having bands earlier on Friday and Saturday 3pm-6pm and 7pm-10pm., moving the gate trailer closer to the event, less raffle items and limited auction items, eliminate the bike rodeo,  enlarge the bike show and have an $5 to $10 entry fee with cash award to winners.

Chapters will be in charge of a part of entertainment with a skit or something.  It was suggested to have a security sign-up.  Comps worked well and we got new members has a result.  We are working on understanding the service dog laws.  Monica Pine with contact the law office at the University of Idaho and get something in writing.

Ron Fryer provided stickers for spring opener.  Thank you Ron!

Old Business: Highway Clean-up  – Highway clean-up is the first Saturday in April and October, April 6th & October 6th.

 Old Business: Life Flight– Ground transportation is not covered through Med Life.

 Old Business: Products– Out of Patches.  It was also suggested to get sweatshirts.

New Business- Meeting of the Minds-   Will be held in Denver, September 20-23rd.  The registration is $80 and the hotel is $124/night.  It is encouraged that someone from each chapter plan to attend.

New Business- Kootenai Toy Run-  October 20th- Talk to eliminate SuperOne as a spot and go to the Bike Shops.

New Business- Kootenai Fair- $350 for a 10x20 spot and $55 for insurance.  Jack moved to use $405 to have a ANI booth at the fair.  Motion was seconded by Steve.  The motion was passed.

Next meeting will be October 13, 2018- Hosted by Kootenai- Location to be announced.
Bob moved to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Steve and passed
Adjourned at 2:30pm


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