ANI State Coordinator

Bought my 1st set of wheels in 1964 at 12 yrs. old…..a Honda Trail 90 for $300 from the Idaho Forest Service……that is how it all started!  Road off road and trails for the first 4 yrs until I got my driver’s license and motorcycle endorsement… the real fun began….Triumph Cub 200, Triumph Tiger 500- Triumph Bonnie……175 Yamaha Trials bike……Kawasaki 1000 LTD..Harley Davidson Sportster XLCH…..01” Heritage…..a couple of Police Electra Glides and currently ride a 2012 CVO Road Glide (skunkworks model). I enjoy the challenge of working and modifying the bikes to my style…stretched bags and tanks….currently rebuilding a 1964 HD Topper Scooter and a 1960’s era Allstate scooter…

I operate operate/own Justus Trading Co Inc along with my business partner….we Buy, Sell and Transport Grain Commodities for the Dairy, Feed Lot and Feed Mill industry….we have been in our own business for the past 15 yrs and before that for 30 yrs at my family’s textile business.  I am  also one of the Directors of  a nonprofit animal sanctuary for special needs dogs, most are Blind or Deaf or a combination of the two….Double J Dog Ranch in Hauser Lake, Id.

I joined ABATE of North Idaho for one reason….to make a difference!  To help promote Safety and Education to the masses that have no idea what we are about and why we exist and to help protect our rights as a motorcyclist in the Inland Northwest. I also am a MRF member on the National front!

Ride safe and keep your head on a swivel!!
ANI State Deputy Coordinator

Jack Clark

Born, raised and lived in the Denver area until I moved to Coeur d'Alene in 1998. Retired from a career in printing in 2013. Started riding when I was 15 – a Vespa. I have owned more than 40 motorcycles and currently own a 1967 Triumph TR6C and ride a 2003 Road King. I competed, on an amateur level, in enduros and motorcycle drag racing. I first went to Sturgis in 1977 and have been every year since 1985. I am life member of the AMA and HOG. I also belong to the MRF and ICMS. Motorcycles, and the people who ride them, have always been an important part of my life.



State Treasurer
Karen Stewart


Hello, out there! Karen, I be...
ANI's State Treasurer, that's me!
I pay the bills,
it's one of my skills,
When not teaching STAR class locally!



State Secretary
Monica Washburn

I earned my B.S in Accounting from the University of Idaho (UI) in 2005. I am currently the Financial Specialist for the UI Department of Theatre Arts. During my 15 years at the University of Idaho I have had some leadership roles with different organizations. I have been a member of the Hells Canyon Chapter of North Idaho ABATE since 2014. James Pine and I plan to be married next June and we have a handsome baby boy Hunter to follow in our footsteps.


ANI State Membership Secretary
Pauline Durst

I moved to Orofino Id in July 1998 (moving from overseas) and joined ABATE of North Idaho in November 2000. When I first started I was amazed at the variety of people I met. I mean - from all walks of life. The diversity in careers and personalities drew me in and continue to this day to fascinate me. I come from the "melting pot" of the Pacific, but I have never seen so many different types of people gathering together to support one goal, the right to ride free. I am proud to belong to this organization. I believe in what ABATE is doing and will stand by what we represent and will continue to fight for our freedom to ride free.
The rides, the events and the friends I have made along this journey… Something I will always treasure.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Pauline Durst
State Membership Secretary
ABATE of North Idaho

ANI State Ambassador-at-Large

Keith McKinney

My first experience of riding was at the age of 7 years old on a mini bike; I progressed through the years on several different makes and models and now ride a Harley Heritage Softtail.  I love to ride.  I have served as Vice President and President of an Eagle's Aerie;  Sargent at Arms for Son's of American Legion and Vice President of Snowmobile/ATV Club.  Currently I am also ABATE of North Idaho's Face Book Administrator; as well as serving as Ambassador at Large.  I joined ABATE originally because they need numbers; I have since learned more about the laws that effect our riding and hamper our freedoms; also the need for enforcement/creation of laws that enhance our safety; and protect our freedoms.



ANI Legislative Officer

Dave Cazel is a military kid from Illinois who attended 17 schools In 17 years His first motorcycle was a 1966 Honda 305 scrambler.  His first big twin was a 1992 FLSTC. Dave married his wife Sherrie in 1976 and moved to North Idaho In 1992. He joined ABATE in 2004. He has served ABATE of North Idaho’s Kootenai Chapter as an officer and as ANI’s State membership secretary, treasurer and secretary. In June of 2008, he was nominated as the State of Idaho’s Rep to the Motorcycle Riders Foundation .In October of 2010 Dave was nominated to be on the Idaho STAR Program’s Board of Director’s Advisory Committee and he accepted..  Dave is a life member of HOG, and a member of AMA, MRF, ICMS and ABATE. He’s equally proud of his Iron Butt accomplishments.


ANI State Sergeant-at-Arms




ANI Chaplain



I stared riding in the mid 70’s on the dirt roads of Montana and continued to move up to riding street bikes. I am the Elder for Bikers for Christ the Panhandle Chapter of Idaho and Abate of North Idaho Chaplain. Come December I change to the red suit an get to be Santa, but riding is still tops.


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