To Guard and Protect the Individual Rights of All Persons Interested in Motorcycling, To Keep Them Informed of All Laws That Will Help or Hinder Them as Motorcyclists and to Promote Safety, Brotherhood and Freedom for All Motorcycle Riders.

February 7, 2019



PRAYER:   WD Wegner – State Chaplin

APPROVED AGENDA:  Jack made motion, Duane seconded the motion and all were in favor          

READ MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Kerrie read Jan minutes APPROVE MINUTES : Paul made motion, Keith seconded the motion & all were in favor

WELCOME GUESTS:  4 Ladies from Spokane Angels:  Kristina, Amber, Melody & Megan

GUEST SPEAKER: Melody; Spokane Angels.  The ladies gave a brief overview of what Spokane Angels do and what we, as a community, can do to help them.   This is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of foster children and their families in the Spokane area.  Their mission is to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentorship. 

COORDINATOR REPORT:  (Belinda McKinney) Belinda played a number game and passed out coupons for a local coffee stand.  She asked that W.D. be voted in for Sergeant of Arms.  Duane made motion, Paul seconded the motion and all were in favor.  Belinda also asked for Keith to be voted in as Ambassador at Large.  Belinda Carson made motion, W.D. seconded the motion and all were in favor.

DEPUTY COORDINATOR REPORT:  Paula was voted in as deputy coordinator.  Susan made motion, Jack seconded the motion and all were in favor.  Paula gave a brief history report on the Pledge of Allegiance that was very interesting.   

TREASURERS REPORT: (Correna Barnard) Correna read the report.  Jack made motion to approve, W.D. seconded the motion & all were in favor.

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY REPORT:  (Belinda Carson) current members  88 per Pauline/93 with crossovers from Hoodoo.  Dues are due in March. 
Life Flight amount for January 1st date   $8.34  – Must be in Life Flight coordinator hand by February 15th. Checks made out to ANI.

AMBASSADOR AT LARGE:  Keith McKinney was voted in.  Keith reminded everyone to send him info on any upcoming rides/benefits and he will post on Facebook.

SECRETARY REPORT / CORRESPONDENCE:  (Kerrie/Clark Anderson) Kerrie read thank you card from the holiday family.

SAFETY COORDINATOR: (Karen Stewart) – Karen is unable to attend … share what safety tip has saved you  Belinda M asked what is the coldest temperature you’ve ridden in.  -20 & -16 below were the coldest answers.

LEGISLATIVE:  (Dave Cazel) – Dave is traveling so Belinda M read his report.  Jan 24 was a lobby day at the State Capital for profiling against motorcycles.  We have a state legislature that says he uses a cell phone while driving and & he thinks he is a good driver so he is not supportive of banning cell phones while driving.  Duane shared that Idaho State Trucking Association is lending their name in the distracted driving campaign. He also spoke with the state director of MADD who will present working with us to their board.  Duane talked to the state director of the state PTA , which has about 10,000 members, who will also submit to their board about working with us.  Idaho Towing Association has had 5 drivers killed this past year while on the side of the road.   The lady Duane talked to suggested he talk to the director and she will make sure he signs off on helping with the distracted driving campaign.  Paul reminded us that Dave Cazel is on the MRF board as membership chairman and finance.


  • BOD Meeting – January 13th/Duane shared a little about the State board meeting
  • Motorcycle Show – March 15 – March 17 * need volunteers/Duane has a sign up sheet
  • Kootenai Events – Toy Run – Date Changed to Sept 14, 2019. Paula made motion to approve, Mike seconded the motion & all were in favor
  • Kootenai Events – Awareness Rally- discussion on location/ideas on getting more support
  • Kootenai Events – Freedom Run –Please email Belinda M with ideas on how to promote and get our own chapter members to support it
  • Kootenai Chapter Merchandise – Tee Shirts, First Aid Kits/They are all in the trailer
  • Kootenai Road Dog Stickers – Belinda M to follow up and get them ordered


  • MRF Membership renewal/MRF said our dues are expired. Correna wrote a check on Dec 1 to pay for it
  • Spring Opener Confirmed but name is changed to Rendezvous.  It will be at Charlie’s Acres on May 31, June 1 & 2.  $10 event fee to include entrance fee, camping, vendors for the weekend

EVENTS/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH- Correna is having an open house at Serenity Day Spa on Feb 16 from noon to 3pm.  Belinda C passed around a needs list for Children’s Village.  If anyone wants to purchase items and bring them to the next meeting, she will collect them and take them to Children’s Village.  This needs list is also on their Facebook page.

Meeting  Adjourned at 7:37pm.  Duane made motion, Keith seconded the motion and all were in favor to adjourn the meeting.
Open Forum

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda  - Tonyia Murray’s name was picked but she was not present

The 50/50 – Keith McKinney won and donated it back to the Holiday Fund




Kootenai Meeting

6:30 JB’s Restaurant, CDA


15, 16, 17


Inl. Emp Motor Cycle Show





Highway Clean up





Cut off for Life Flight Renewal





Awareness Rally and Parade





Freedom Run