To Guard and Protect the Individual Rights of All Persons Interested in Motorcycling, To Keep Them Informed of All Laws That Will Help or Hinder Them as Motorcyclists and to Promote Safety, Brotherhood and Freedom for All Motorcycle Riders.

February 1, 2018



APPROVED AGENDA:  Agenda approved
APPROVE MINUTES:  Kerrie Anderson read Jan minutes - Minutes approved

GUEST SPEAKER:  None, but the group sang Happy Birthday to Susan J

COORDINATOR REPORT:  (Duane Justus) Spring opener meeting on Feb 10 at CDA Casino at 11am.  Contact Duane if interested in going.  Duane is getting a schedule of events from Lone Wolf so we can plan dates on setting up a booth to sell SO tickets, raffle, t-shirts. 

DEPUTY COORDINATOR REPORT:  (Belinda Wright) Belinda read several acronyms and passed out candy to those who knew them.  ABATE, AIM, AMA, BTW, CMA, COC, HOG, IBA, ICOM, MRF, MRO, NCOM, SMRO, & NANMRA.  Make sure to ask Belinda if you don’t know them, especially the last one!  And Duane gets a check mark for trying to cheat. 

TREASURERS REPORT:   (Correna Barnard) Treasurer’s report read by Correna

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY REPORT:  (Belinda Carson) current members  71  new members  starts over in March
Life flight amount for March 1st date is $8.34 – Must be in Life Flight coordinator hand by February 15th

AMBASSADOR AT LARGE: Sandy Crocker has stepped down.  Duane appointed every member as an ambassador.

SECRETARY REPORT / CORRESPONDENCE:  (Kerrie/Clark Anderson) Nothing to report. 

SAFETY COORDINATOR: (Karen Stewart) –. Karen reminded us that motorist are out to get us.  With the weather clearing up you need to ride like you are invisible.  Drivers don’t hear or see us.  Drive defensively, wear bright colors, have loud pipes (especially Clark) and loud horn, more lights, use signals (no 1 finger signals)

LEGISLATIVE:  (Dave Cazel) – Dave shared about the candidates at the Republic Town Hall meeting that he attended (Let Dave know if you did not get his email on this and would like to have it).  He will attend the Democratic Town Hall meeting when it’s announced.  Heather Scott, Blanchard, Legislative District 2 is proposing a bill for a 6 month registration for motorcycles.  Dave will call Heather to ask about concerns of financial implications to the state.  And Dave and Duane will once again be going to Washington DC in May

  • Support Senator Nonini for Idaho Lt. Governor – Applications due Feb 26 – March 9
  • Freedom Run/ Clark – May 19th. Clark said he is working on a ride to the Cabinet Gorge Dam off of the Clark Fork.   
  • Awareness Rally/ Dave C & Duane – May 5th.  New sound system, no guest speakers secured yet
  • Bike Show March 9th – 11th – Duane will send out email for volunteer team to work booth
  • New Tri-Folds/Thanks Paul R for all your hard work! Also have Abate business cards to hand out


  • Amb at Large – need volunteer/Duane appointed everyone as ambassadors
  • ANI Newsletter/Jack Clark – Jack said he is about 95% done with the mechanics and is ready for the content
  • Life Flight/Belinda Wright – more info to come on pricing.  May is renewal month
  • Tee Shirt Updates/Teresa Blankenship – Duane presented new logo.  Tee shirts will come in short and long sleeved.  Pricing info to come.  Abate members will pay a little over cost, non-members will pay more. 
  • Frosty Bunz/Feb 18 or 25 – sign up at Lawrences 9:30am KSU at 11am

EVENTS/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH-   Aces for Faces will be Sept 22.  March 3rd Hoodoo meeting and Poker Walk

Meeting  adjourned   7:17pm

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda  Theresa Upton/not present

The 50/50  Susan Riess won and donated back to Abate