April 6, 2018

Call To Order: 12:06
Pledge of Allegiance
Members present: 18 Guests 2
Last months minutes accepted

Coordinators Report:
1) ABATE of Idaho received a letter of apology from the Idaho Senate for not letting their members wear their colors in the chambers. Tim has a cd available to loan. Link( https://councilofclubs.org/mpp/idaho-senate-apologizes-to-motorcyclists-forced-to-remove-colors/)
2) Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda has a new method for winning. At the next 3 meetings everyone present will write their name on and ticket and all tickets will be saved until the third meeting when a name will be drawn for $25 cash prize. So the more meetings you attend the more chances you have of wining. Winner will be drawn at the July meetings. A motion was passed to allow guests to enter also and if they win their prize would be a 1 yr. membership.
3) Tim had each of the members introduce themselves.

Deputy Coordinators Report:
1) Trash cleanup went along smoothly with 18 members picking of 47 bags of trash and finding $12 in cash.
2) 2019 Rendezvous. The site is secured for our dates May 31, June 1-2. But what we need is people to step up with ideas to make this more than a drinking party and craft fair.

Treasurer Report: $970

Secretary Report: No report

Membership Secretary: We have 82 members.

1) Federal Anti-Profiling is going well.
2) Waco. All remaining charges on surviving bikers have been dropped.
3) In Washington state a parking bill allowing more than 1 motorcycle to park in a spot looks like it will pass.

Open Forum:
May 4th Motorcycle Awareness Rally.
Link: http://www.abateofnorthidahobikers.org/Flyers/2019/2019%20Awareness%20Ride.jpg

May 18th Freedom Run
Link: http://www.abateofnorthidahobikers.org/Flyers/2019/Freedom%20Run%202019.jpg

50/50 $83 #5212 was won by Sam. He got $41.

WOULDA-SHOULDA- Donna Shober was drawn but not present.
You come to the meeting and get a ticket put your name on it. Do this for 3 meetings. On the 4th meeting a name is drawn for a cash prize. So the more meetings you attend the better your chance of wining $25 is.

Next meeting May 4th, 2019
Noon Linger Longer


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