September 2, 2018

Call to order 12:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Members present: 16 Guests: 2

Last months minutes accepted

Coordinators Report:
)Swap meet at Charlie’s Acres. This event is put on by Glen Wassel who one the 1st bikers to get ABATE going in Idaho. Event is at Charlie’s Acres Sept. 7,8, 2108. [https://kalispell.craigslist.org/mcy/d/charlies-acres-motorcycle/6686730009.html]. Open  Friday at Noon, $3.00 to get in, $5.00 for couples.
) BOD Meetings. We have moved the BOD to different locations to get members to show up. The next event is hosted by the Kootenai Road Dogs chapter on Oct. 13 ,2018 at the Moon Dollar Bistro, 609 N Syringa St. in Post Falls [https://moondollarsbistro.com/ ]. 
3) Highway Cleanup. This Oct 6th and 9 am at Parks Rd and Hwy 95
4) Christmas Party. It will be held after of our December 1st meeting. Bring at gift get a gift $20 max. Also bring your Ugly Xmas Hat to compete against others who will do the same. more info to come.
5) Fat Bastard float trip. As we won’t be able to camp in our old spot we have sent a Thank You card to the new owner to show our appreciation  and will have to move downfield to the next big  tree. For 2019 we would like to have a Movie night and have our own Porta Potty.

Deputy Coordinator Report:  
) Jack passed around tee shirt order forms for your perusal but they will be e-mailed to you. So if you want one fill it out and give it back to Jack with your check no cash as he will spend it!
) Country Lane has been sold and Duane & Jack will go over in Sept. to see what it takes to have the Spring Opener there for next year.
) Booth at the Fair. Thanks to Belinda Carson and Karen Steward who were there everyday making people aware of distracted driving. We had 5 questions on the survey which went over well to all people who outreached to us. Our next step will be to integrate support from all facets of the public to show State Police, legislators and Sheriff departments that distracted driving needs to be enforced more strictly with increased fines and jail time for repeat offenders.

Treasurer Report: Available on request.

Secretary Report: No report

Membership Secretary: We have 66 Hoodoo members and 6 other chapter supporting members for a total of 72.

Legislative:   The annual MRF Conference is in Denver, Co this year from Sept. 20-23. Everyone is invited.

 50/50  Ticket #5009 won by Dave Cazel who gave $25 back. Thanks Dave!

Would-Shoulda-Coulda: Darlene Manwell was drawn but not present.

Meeting adjourned 12:40 pm

 Next meeting Oct.  6th, 2018 noon at the Linger Longer
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