Call to order 9:18am

Pledge of Allegiance

Members present: 23

Last months minutes accepted

Coordinators Report: Roy thanked everybody for coming and it was a great weekend. A motion was made to move September's meeting to the second Saturday Sept 9 th . Motion carried.

Deputy Coordinator Report: No report

Secretary Report: No report

Treasurer Report: Available on request

Membership Secretary: We have 59 with 2 new members signed up this weekend. Thank you new members!

Legislative: nothing at present although there is increasing opposition to E15.

Old Business:
1 Highway Cleanup. It was on such short notice that some made it out cleanup, others couldn't be reached in time.

New Business
1) Next years camp spot. The spot we were at this year has been sold but the spot by the river may be available. We will try to reserve that site a year in advance if we can.
2) Jack Clark has volunteered to Deputy Coordinator for State. Duane Justis will be running against Belinda Carson for State Coordinator.
3) We a Coordinator for our Chapter. Please step and take a turn as the people who have been doing it won't be returning to that post.

Woulda Shoulda Coulda Casey drawn not present. Next month is $100 and will be capped at that until someone wins.

Meeting adjourned 9:28 pm. next meeting Sept 9 th ,2017 at noon right here at the Linger Longer.


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