Call to order 12:08 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Members present: 12

Last months minutes accepted

Coordinators Report:  
1) MRF . We passed a motion to give the MRF $100 for a sustaining membership.
2) Financially most of our bills are paid and we have about $600 in the our account.
3) BOD meeting not sure if it was Oct 7 or the 14th.  We will have our chapter meeting on Oct. 7th.

Deputy Coordinator Report: No report

Secretary Report: No report

Treasurer Report: Available on request

Membership Secretary: We have 57 paid members to date.

Legislative: Washington state is working on passing a Skip Lane bill but nothing has been finalized. E15 is still is trying to be pushed through. 2) Auto cycle will not be classed as a motorcycle and a definition is being worked on.

Old Business:
1) Fat Bastard was a good time.
2) Be sure to put you membership number on your ballot when you mail it in.

New Business
1) Nominations are coming up and look around or step up yourself.

Woulda Shoulda Coulda Carol Day, not present we are capped at $100.
50/50 #421 won by Lila and won $12.50.

Meeting adjourned 12:34 pm. next meeting Oct. 7th  at noon right here at the Linger Longer.



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