November 3, 2018

Meeting called to order at 12:07 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Members present – 13, 2 Guests

No Quorum Last month’s minutes accepted

Coordinators Report: Saved for later

Deputy Coordinators Report: Saved for later

Treasures Report: Available on request

Secretary Report: Not in attendance

Membership Secretary: We have 81 members Tim Closson asked all attending to introduce themselves.

E-15 will now be sold year-round. Major concern for bikers as E-15 is very harmful to motorcycle motors. Hopefully, different hoses will be used. Like diesel. More to come.

1) Belinda Carson gave a quick report on the ANI booth at the Kootenai County Fair. Almost 500 responses to Distracted Driving Survey. Good interest. Idaho STAR (motorcycle safety classes) shared cost of booth. Current opinions are we will do it again next year.
2) Highway cleanup was canceled due to a lack of coordination. Tim Sorahan volunteered to be Hoodoo’s rep for the highway cleanup. Kootenai Chapter will be appointing a rep. Reps will organize all future cleanups.

1) Tim Closson requested members start thinking about helping staff our booth at the Motorcycle Show in March. More reminders/requests to follow.
2) Jack Clark gave the status of the 2019 Spring Opener. All options are being pursed, including not having a Spring Opener. No decisions have been made as information is still being compiled. Another AR15 will be raffled to raise money. The raffle will consist of; First Place AR15, Second Place $250.00, Third Place $100.00.
3) Christmas Party. We will have our annual Christmas Party on December 1, 2018, following our regular meeting. Pot luck, gift exchange, ugly hat contest. Many “reminders” will be emailed. Please plan to attend!!

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Tony Cooper! Sorry Tony. You missed out on wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

Paul Riess won the 50/50. $20.00. Paul donated $10.00 back. Thank you, Paul.!!

Meeting adjourned 12:38 PM.

Next meeting December1, 2018. Noon. Linger Longer. AND THE CHRISTMAS PARTY!!


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