February 3, 2018

Call To Order: 12:05 PM, 4 officers, 22 members present.

Coordinator Report: His report was old and new business.

Deputy Coordinator Report: His report was old and new business.

Secretary Report: Could not attend.

Membership Secretary Report: We currently have 65 members.

Treasurer Report: We have $499.29 in our tresury.

Legislative Report: Dave Cazel was present. He reported there is currently little legislative activity. He said one proposal was for allowing six months registration as opposed to a full year. He also stated that it appeared to have little likelihood of advancing due to numerous unanswered questions regarding procedures and impact on state revenue. Dave also addressed a concern raised by several members (not in attendance) regarding the context of an email he had shared regarding a Republican Town Hall meeting with potential congressional candidates. His intent was to inform ANI members of current candidates and his impression of them based on this meeting. (Note: ANI is not currently endorsing a candidate as it is still early in the process.)

New Business: Duane Justus - ANI State Coordinator and Kootenai Chapter Coordinator - talked about the new ANI t-shirts that are in the process of being produced. Available in March.

He also spoke about the “Rifle Raffle”. We are going to start selling raffle tickets at the March Bike Show in Spokane. It is a new in-the-box AR15. Tickets will be sold until the drawing on June 2nd at the Spring Opener. Ticket prices are 1@$5. 5@$20. 13@$50. Chapters will recieve $1.00 for each ticket sold based on the number sold by each chapter. There will not be any chapter raffles at the Spring Opener this year. Fundraising will be focused on ANI with chapters sharing some of the revenue based on their participation.

Daune also mentioned the Awareness RaRally 5/5/18 and the Freedom Run 5/19/18.

Tim Closson -HooDoo Coordinator- talked about our upcoming Membership Poker Walk. It will start following our 3/3 HooDoo meeting. It will start and end at the Linger Longer. We will have our regular pot luck with HooDoo supplying tube steaks. (More info to come)

Jack Clark - Hoodoo Deputy Coordinator- talked about the HooDoo imprint that will be put on the back of the ANI shirts. It is based on a design that Rick Menzel created several years ago. All attending liked the design.

We had a good turn out for this meeting and he thanked all in attendance.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Lorri Naccarato was drawn. Sorry Lorri. You should have been there!

50/50 - Tim Sorahan. $46.00!!! Way to go Tim!

Meeting adjourned 12:37 PM


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