July 7, 2018

Call To Order: 12:03 PM, 5 officers, 12 members and 3 guest were present.

Coordinator Report: His report was old and new business.

Deputy Coordinator Report: His report was old and new business.

Secretary Report: Could not attend.

Membership Secretary Report: We currently have 76 members.

Treasurer Report: We have $845.00 in our treasury.

Legislative Report: No Report

Old Business: Minutes accepted as posted. Brief account of the Distracted Driving Rally that was held on Monday, July 7th, at Curleys. Good turnout despite rain. Several speakers all expressed concern over the recent rash of motorcycle deaths related to distracted driving. Penalties for distracted driving are small and need to be adjusted. New Business: Tim Closson introduced Rob Hatten, “Hatter”, ABATE of South Idaho (ASI), Sargent at Arms. Hatter is acquainting himself with ANI. He spoke briefly about a Profiling bill that failed in Boise and their continued efforts to get one passed. He informed us of an “Incident” form (available on the ASI website - www.abateofidaho.org) that can be filled out and submitted documenting ab incident of profiling. Jack Clark commented on the desire to build a better working relationship with Southern Idaho as another reason for Hatter attending our meeting.

FAT BASTARDS FLOAT AND CAMP OUT. July 27 - 29, Big Eddy. This was mentioned, again, free camping for HooDoo, $5.00 per night, per person for non HooDoo, everybody pays $5.00 for a steak.

Jack Clark is getting cost for a new order of HooDoo shirts. Also Hoody’s. Will send out info when available.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Russel Cluphf was drawn. Sorry Russel. You should have been there!

No 50/50

Next meeting will be on Sunday morning, July 29, at the Fat Bastards.

Meeting adjourned 12:37 PM


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