March 3, 2018

Hoo-Doo Hippies
Coordinators Comments
March 2018

Hi fellow Hippies! Thanks for the great turn-out at the March meeting! The poker walk
was won by myself, with an Ace high flush. There was one other hand that was one card
off, so it was a close one! Thanks everyone for participating!

Anyone who wants Spring Opener tickets, AR-15 raffle tickets, or courtesy cards please
contact me and we'll make arrangements to get you some.

April 7th is the Highway clean-up and meeting; Roy and Lila have generously agreed to
provide a pulled pork main dish for the potluck. Thanks Roy and Lila!

Stop by the Abate of N. Idaho booth at the Spokane Bike Show, March 9, 10 and 11th and
say "Hi"!

I also want to thank Dave Cazel, and Duane Justus for making the effort to attend our
meetings and providing updates for us. Much appreciated!

Sharon Preston did a good job handling all the membership applications and doing the
50/50 drawing too…busier than a one-armed paper hanger as they used to say!

Belinda Wright is the Life Flight coordinator and she provided information…..thanks,
Belinda!…..the renewal is due by April 15th. All applications and renewals have to go
through Belinda. You have to be a member of ABATE to get the discounted rate!

See 'ya at the Highway Clean-Up! Watch for forthcoming details!
Tim Closson



Hoodoo Hippies Meeting
March 3, 2018
Poker Walk Edition

Call to order 12:03 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Members present: 17 Guests: 4 (welcome!)

Last months minutes accepted

Coordinators Report: 1) Our transition to email communication as a way to save money and
improve efficiency is coming along. Please include your email address on your Renewal application
or give to our Membership Secretary Sharon Preston.

Deputy Coordinator Report: 1) Our tee shirts are being redesigned and will have stuff on both the
front and back. We will have more info next month as sizes, types and price.
Treasurer Report: Available on request.

Secretary Report: Thank you all once again for your continued support!

Membership Secretary: We have 67 members

1) We have 2 primaries coming up in May. Questionnaires were sent out to all persons
running for State office concerning issues that face motorcyclists. They will be sent out at the
completion of the filling deadline on March 9th, 2018. So please go out and check out the candidate in
your district to get their take on motorcycle rights. Then bring back your report to Dave Cazel.


1) Spring Opener. Duane reported that the dates are committed and the band has been acquired.
Tickets are available now and if think you can sell some they will be released to you for sales.
Information and posters are available here today for SO promotion.


1) AR-15 tickets are up for sale all 1500 of em! This is a revenue maker for us so if you can sell these
go for it. The tickets will be signed out to you and are your responsibility. They are selling profile is 1-
$5,5-$20,13-$50. Be sure to mark what chapter you are selling these for as $1 for each ticket sold will
go to the chapter treasure. So sell the hell out of them…please.

2) Spokane Bike Show (http://spokanemotorcycleshow.com/). We will have a table there and will
sell tee shirts, AR-15 tickets and Gift Cards.

3) Highway cleanup. April 7th is our date. Jack will send out a flyer with all the info. Note that the
more people we have the faster we get done usually about an hour and a half.

4) Motorcycle Awareness rally. This is a political event on May 5th at about 9:30am. So if you care
please show up at the CDA Courthouse and ride down Main St. with other supporters.

5) Kootenai Freedom Run is on May 19th

Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda: Pauline Durst was drawn not present. Capped at $25.

50/50 $117 in the pot. Winning number 4686 was won by Susan Riess & she only keep $5 and
donated back the rest Thank You Susan! it should also be noted that Jeffro showed up and donated
$20 to our Poker walk drive. Thanks bro.

Meeting adjourned 12:37 pm

Next meeting April 7th, 2018 right here at the Linger Longer at noon.

NOTE: Highway cleanup is on April 7th before the meeting. Watch for Jack's flyer.


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