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February 2019

We had a great turn-out for the February meeting! Deputy Coordinator Jack Clark says it’s because he promised Chippendale performers, but my wife says it’s because she brought homemade chili for the chili-dogs. I’m going with my wife. She followed through on her promise, Jack didn’t. Maybe everyone just had cabin fever! Whatever the reason, thanks for the turn-out! It really is good to see you-all!

So I’m going to borrow, or steal, part of Jack Clark’s comments that he sent out when he was the Coordinator. Date is unknown, but probably sometime within the last fifty years or so….thanks, Rick Menzel for finding it! Here goes, and I quote…..”The purpose of ABATE is to educate and preserve our rights as riders. We joined ABATE because we have common interests and concerns. A large portion of our membership dues goes to further this cause. The ‘purpose’ part of ABATE is important, but there’s more to it. It’s the people. A long time ago I started to ride. It wasn’t long before I discovered that spending time with other ‘riders’ was a very enjoyable experience. Didn’t matter what they rode or what they did for a living. We had this ‘thing’ in common that broke down walls and gave us something to share. Good stories, bad stories. Just a wave on the highway. I also discovered that by going to places where there were ’bikers’, I was going to meet a group of people who all shared this common interest. I have lifelong friends that I met because I was a biker. This is why I’m promoting more participation. We are an interesting bunch of people. We all have something to share. Come to the meetings. We will take care of business and then we can enjoy the people. Come to the events. No business. More participation will help accomplish the ‘purpose’. More participation means more interesting people. Think about it.”

Thanks, Jack, that was very well said, and it still applies today. Certainly to me, and I expect most every other ABATE member, too.

The Spokane Bike Show is coming up in March, on the 15th, 16th and 17th. ABATE of N. Idaho will have a booth, I’ll be working at least one shift, if anyone wants to volunteer, let me know. Duane Justus is coordinating the positions. We’ll be selling raffle tickets and having fun! April 6th is the Highway Clean-up. We only have to do a mile, instead of the two miles we did previously. We meet Parks Rd., same place at 10:00 with the Hoo-Doo meeting right after.

Next meeting March 2 is the membership poker walk, so lets have a good turn-out again! Noon at the Linger-Longer in Spirit Lake!

Tim Closson 208-946-9112

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