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October 24, 2016

This went well considering the rain when we started. It stopped about 9:30. Kootenai Chapter was well represented. HooDoo was not. Thanks to all the Road Dogs and Hippies that helped!

It's that time of year. We need to fill three open positions for 2017. We need a Deputy Coordinator, a Membership Secretary and a Treasurer. Roy Fisher has stepped up for the Coordinator position and Rick Menzel has signed on as Secretary for another year. It only takes a few hours a month to perform the duties of these positions and they must be filled to keep our chapter functioning. We currently have 72 members and we need a few of you to step forward and volunteer some of your time. We have a lot of good people in this chapter and we need some help. Nominations - or volunteering - are open until next meeting (or until positions are filled). COME ON HOODOO!!!!

Crusty (Kurt) and Beth Miller were founding members of ANI and the HooDoo Chapter. Over the years, they have been unselfish in their support of HooDoo and ANI.
Crusty was recently diagnosed with cancer. It's serious. Crusty and Beth are going to need our help. As an organization, our resources are limited. As individuals, we have a lot more resources to help them. They will have ongoing needs.
Jo's Hole is having a silent auction and benefit for Crusty starting about 2:30 PM on Saturday, November 5th. Come to our meeting, eat a weenie and then help Crusty. That makes for a good day! COME ON HOODOO!!!!

Finally got that going. Have a few more addresses to add. Hopefully this will help as a source for updates and reminders.

Vote! This is OUR chance to put people in office - in POWER- that will best represent our interests. It really comes down to more government in our life or less government in our life. It's that simple. For me, that's an easy choice!

Saturday November 5th, Noon, Linger Longer.
Meeting. Looking for a few new officers. Weenies. Help Crusty.
Upcoming Events
November 3rd Thursday Kootenai Meeting - 6:30PM JB's Restaurant CDA

November 5th Saturday HooDoo Meeting - Noon Linger Longer

November 5th Saturday Jo's Hole 2:30PM - Silent Auction and Benefit for Crusty

December 3rd Saturday HooDoo Meeting and Christmas Party - 3PM - Details to come.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. Jeffro Kirk!! Well, OK. Enough said.

50/50. Lila Hirst. Lila wanted to donate it to Crusty, but don't have that structured. Yet.

ANI WEB SITE. Check it out. abateofnorthidahobikers.org

My contact information is; Phone - 208-676-9196 Email - jack.clark4@yahoo.com

Next meeting - Saturday November 5th, Noon, Linger Longer.

Proud to be a HIPPY! Thanks, again, for all your support. Jack

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