Hells Canyon Chapter Minutes

January 5, 2019

Hell’s Canyon Chapter of ABATE

January Meeting 01/05/2019

Officers: 4, Members-9, Guest-0

Minutes read by Bob from Email sent by Angie Elliott in her absence

Treasures report given by Ken Goods and approved

Membership report given by Angie reported 47 members, reminded members that we we can sign new members up now and they will be good till next year.  Stepped down from position due to work obligations.  Position appointed to Kim Glass.

Old Business-
                Still working on finding another ABATE banner to use in parades and what not.  Christmas party went well Thank Peggie and Steve Morrone for opening up your house and to all those who participated.  No one except Coyote and Shawna showed up for the New Years ride due to poor communication. 

New Buisness-4
                Steve will continue to look for the flag and banner.  Motion was made, seconded and passed that the flag and banner would have the same design as the T-shirts.  Spring opener will be changing g locations.  It will be held at Lucky Acers outside of Rathdrum, more information to be provided at the State meeting which will be 01/13/19 held at Rants and Raves in Moscow. 

Bill Young Stepped down from Sargent of Arms and position was appointed to Steve Libey. 

Large discussion on how Hell’s Canyon Chapter members are supposed to act towards one another and keep personal issues out of the organization.  We need to all remember why we are in ABATE and act like mature adults at all times, before we self-implode. 

New officers please start on those Bios and submit them to state since we have all new officers, we need to make sure they have up to date contact information. 

Easter is just around the corner 04/21 this year start getting those early requests into the businesses, flyers and tax letters will be up dated with current information. 

Discusses having a Valentines day ride more information will be decided at next meeting 02/11. 

No broomstick pool today due to lack of participation.

Meeting adjourned 11:34




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