Hells Canyon Chapter Minutes

Minutes for the Hells Canyon Chapter meeting July 8, 2017
There was no June meeting due to Spring Opener                                                           called to order at 11:00

Officers – 5

Minutes read & approved (actually, I didn’t read them but they were approved as posted on the web)
Treasurer report available upon request – outstanding checks will ask Karen Stewart – Ken reported SO expenditures which were minimal.
Membership- 31  I will be sending out renewal applications to all old members.

Old – Mothers Day ride only Steve & Shawna showed so that was canceled

Big Dave Ride was a beautiful day with about 30 bikes, We said good-bye to Dave’s ashes at River Clan Saloon. A great place to stop if you find yourself in Harpster Idaho. Camping, cabins right on the river.
Thank you to Dave Cazel and Karen Stewart for coming down and riding with us. Great Feast and live music by Rimshot at Angies after the ride. All in all a great send off to a great man that we love as much as we hate.

New – Discussed changing meeting places to get more visible other than sitting in front of a bar.
Discussed how to get more participation from members, how to grow membership and becoming more visible. Is this chapter going to survive? I see us going in a new direction with new leadership.

Summer Blow-out family campout sometime in August or September camping at River Clan Saloon.

Tuffys First weekend in August - Ride for life – anyone interested in this ride get a hold of Steve.

Appointed “Little man” Tom Rose as Srg@arms

Coordinator – Steve Libey 208-305-8446
Deputy Coordinator – Bill Young 208-790-1856
Treasurer – Ken Goods
Secretary – Pauline Durst
Membership Secretary – Angela Bremenour
Sergeant @ Arms – Tom Rose

Next chapter meeting will be August 12 - 11am at Herath Park/field in the Orchards. Perfect covered pavilion with picnic tables. Benches and shade.

2017 Runs/Events:
Ride for Life – July 15th
Tuffi’s Aug 4, 5, 6

Adjourned 11:5



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