Hells Canyon Chapter

PO Box 2096

Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Steve "Coyote" Libey

My name is Steve Libey, Everybody calls me Coyote.
I have been riding for over 50 years and will ride until I can’t ride no more.
A friend of mine was an ABATE member and he convinced me to join. He is no longer in ABATE, but I will stick around because I know that what we are doing for the motorcycle riding community is important.
I was the treasurer for a few years and was Deputy Coordinator for Hells Canyon Chapter out of Lewiston. Now I am stepping into Big Dave’s Coordinator shoes and will do my best to carry on as he would have.




Deputy Coordinator
Bill Young

My name is Bill Young. When I first got acquainted with ABATE I was in the Lewiston North West Independent Riders and we met up with Pauline who talked me, well the whole group into joining Clearwater chapter. 16 yrs later I am still in ABATE and was the Deputy Coordinator for Hells Canyon Chapter from 2005 until last year and then did a year as Sargent @ Arms and now I am back as Deputy Coordinator.
I will continue to ride with my brothers and sisters to keep Idaho a free riding motorcycle state.





My name is Pauline and I am the Secretary for the Hells Canyon Chapter of ABATE of North Idaho.
I have been the State Membership Secretary for several years and have held either Coordinator, Secretary, Membership Secretary or Treasurer for the Clearwater Chapter over a period of 13 years. Now that Clearwater Chapter has dis-banded, I have chosen to make Hells Canyon my home Chapter. And they chose me for their Secretary.
I look forward to doing my best to help this chapter thrive and fight for our rights to ride free.





Ken Goods

My name is Ken Goods. I received my first bike and started riding on my 9th birthday. I practically lived on dirt bikes until I got my first road bike at 22. I rode for several years with a motorcycle being my only form of transportation many times. I actually traded my beautiful 72 Monte Carlo for a chopper when I was 24. I lived in Portland at the time and the rain didn't seem to bother me as much then as it does now! :) Life went on and I got married and had a couple beautiful girls and the bikes all had to go. Never thought I'd get back into riding but when my beautiful wife (Melisa) won a 2007 Victory Jackpot in 2010 I made the mistake of riding it. We were going to sell it to pay some bills but once I rode it there was no way that was ever going to happen! Since then the wife and I have put many miles on the Victory and decided that a more comfortable long distance cruiser was in order. Got a great deal on a 2001 Ultra Glide a couple years ago and we ride it every chance we get. I still ride the Vic whenever I feel the need for speed! The best of both worlds really. We joined the Hells Canyon Chapter of Abate a couple years ago after going to a Spring Opener. We've had a lot of fun and met some really great people on some really great rides. I wanted to give a little back so when I was nominated to be Treasurer I accepted gladly. It's been a great ride and I hope that with the support of our members and other motorcyclists we can keep our freedoms to ride the way we want to ride.

Membership Secretary

Angela Bremenour
208 717 8158

 My name is Angela Bremenour. I never got on a bike until I met my future husband Dave in 2005 at Spring Opener which I had attended with my father. I had so much fun with everyone we met and all the people we rode with & fell in love with riding. I ride behind Big Dave all the time.
I am now the Membership Secretary for the Hells Canyon chapter and will continue to promote safety and freedom for all bikers.






David Bremenour


My name is David Bremenour. I have been riding bikes for most of my life. I followed my dad, Big Dave, into ABATE and will continue because my dad believed in the ABATE and the Hells Canyon Chapter.
I am stepping up to Sergeant@Arms and will continue to ride with my ABATE family to keep our right to Freedom of the Road.




Ambassador at Large

Dave Mclaughlin

Chapter meetings are held at the Wrangler on 21st St. in Lewiston, ID the first Saturday of each month at 2PM
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