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ABATE of North Idaho is a non-profit State Motorcycle Rights Organization (SMRO)

ABATE stands for:
A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments
and our focus is on education, awareness and legislative issues relating to  motorcyclists rights.  We encourage our members to become familiar with and involved in the legislative process at both the local and
state level and at the national level.

www.abateofnorthidahobikers.org Does not discriminate on the basis of, sex, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or MRO or other MC club affiliation. Contents of events postings are believed to be accurate, how ever no liability is assumed with regard to accuracy. www.abateofnorthidaho.org is not liable for event activities, services or content provided by out side agencies.

Call to Action - ETHANOL

Idaho's motorcyclists need to be heard on this issue. We got movement from our Senators on the anti profiling resolution as a result of the Bikers inside the Beltway. Now we need you to get the federal delegates to move on the ethanol issue. Please take a few minutes and send a letter to your congressman. Just click on the link and fill in your information. We'll handle the rest. 
Thanks in advance for your support.

Dave Cazel
MRF Rep-Idaho

In case you missed it, yesterday the MRF issued a Call to Action to seek supporters for the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act, H.R.5855.

 The bill would expand consumer awareness on how to safely use fuel containing more than 10 percent ethanol including improved labeling, fuel pump safeguards, and education outreach. Motorcycles are specifically mentioned as concerned consumers and their need to have a strong dialogue directly with the EPA. For those who participated at our lobby day and raised this issue to lawmakers, this bill was introduced just days after that ask was put forth and is a direct result of our advocacy efforts.

We are in the early stages of forming a coalition to support this bill including the boating and marine equipment association, antique car associations and others with an interest in this issue. Further, I have been asked to speak on a panel at the end of June to represent riders and the concern over ethanol on motorcycle engines which will be held at the American Petroleum Institute. We are also planning a joint motorcycle caucus and boating caucus event in July to raise awareness of this legislation.

What can you do? Take 2 minutes and click on the link below to send a pre-drafted email to your Representative asking for their support. Please also forward this email around asking for your contacts to do the same. Finally, if you have an active Social Media account, please share this on Facebook.

Here is the link:

http://cqrcengage.com/mrf/app/ write-a-letter?2&engagementId= 482033

Ride Free,
Megan J. Ekstrom
Vice-President, Government Affairs & Public Relations
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
2221 S. Clark Street, 11th Floor
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone:  (202) 725-5471

Brothers & Sisters.....

Another three months have passed and the ANI Board of Directors just had the 1st quarter meeting of 2018...here are a few of the points that we went over.  Thank you to Hells Canyon Coordinator Steve Libey for taking care of the meeting arrangements....all of our Board were present along with the Spring Opener Committee, and a few of our members were in attendance as well.....

#1 was the Spring Opener coming up the first weekend of June..vendors are all set and ready..two bands are booked for Friday and Saturday evenings ...raffle and auction items.. Our AR-15 raffle drawing along with  raffle for a $250 Visa cash card...the bike show and who knows what else we night just come up with...I have heard rumblings of additional entertainment showing up so who knows what else is in store..

One thing brought up was sending out Spring Opener tickets to select groups or individuals to help bring in others from outside of our region...so each Chapter has a few tickets to decide where to hand them out to...as for the State we have sent 4 tickets each to ABATE of South Idaho and to ICMS and both returned emails saying they will be attending....that's great news for bringing our Southern Brothers & Sisters up to our annual event.

Our annual bike show was gone over among a few other items of business....

One of the things that you will see changing is that the ABATE of North Idaho acronym of 'American Bikers Aimed Toward Education' will now be..."A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments"....this was brought to my attention by membership from all three chapters..and as State Coordinator I brought it up to the Board at this particulate meeting..as a Board we feel this will place us more in line with other States and brings us back in line with how ABATE started at their origins....we took a vote and it passed 7 to 1 to change....so look for changes in the flyers and literature over the next weeks and months.

During the second week of May Dave Cazel our MRF rep and I are traveling to Washington, DC for the annual "Bikers In The Beltway" put on by the MRF each year.  We will be covering a few of the same issues as our last visit....Profiling, Ethanol fuel issues, Autonomous (driverless) Cars to name just a few....a report will follow in my next letter. Dave has our meetings all set up with our Idaho representatives and we are ready to represent you and all other riders in Idaho......

At the meeting we were informed by our State Chaplin Dan Benson that he will be resigning his position...his reason is that both he and his lovely bride Chris are moving to Prescott, Arizona.  Thank you for all of your service to ABATE on both the State and Chapter levels Dan and to his wife Chris who has given countless hours as well, especially doing footwork on getting additional information into the Idaho Drivers manual regarding motorcycles....we are truly going to miss you two..

We have lots of things coming up over the next weeks and months and we need everyone to do their part to help out...being selling SO tickets...AR-15 tickets... Attending the Awareness Rally or the Freedom ride....

Remember that we are all Ambassadors for ABATE... Read about the issues....become informed..tell anyone who will listen about who and what we are.... 

Thank you for letting me represent you as Coordinator....it is not taken lightly..if you ever have a  question or want to discuss any ABATE related matter feel free to email me or call ...the door is always open to you ..

Duane Justus 
ANI State Coordinator

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